Safety Link Pendant Styles

Safety Link Pendant Styles for all Situations

Safety Link has a variety of pendants that can provide the appropriate comfort and reassurance to users of the Home Based SEVEN alarm unit.

Neck Pendant

The SEVEN Home based Alarm Neck Pendant has a surgical grade stainless steel chain with clasp that is designed to break if significant pressure is applied. This pendant type is the most popular choice as clients have the ability to discretely conceal the pendant underneath their clothing.

Wrist Trigger Pendant

The Wrist Trigger Pendant is discreet and comfortable and is designed to suit most wrist sizes. This pendant style has durable polyurethane strap and is ideal for those clients who may be unable to wear a neck pendant due to individual constraints.

Brooch Pendant

The SEVEN Home Based Alarm Pendant is attached to a chrome brooch pin for fastening to clothing. Clients will need to have a sufficient level of dexterity to enable them to remove or attach the brooch when needed.


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