Frequently Asked Questions

Contacts should be people who are well known to you as they will require a key to your home.  Contacts are usually family or friends who live close by.  They also need to be willing to come to your assistance day or night.

Safety Link recommends at least three contacts to call. These are listed in order of priority depending on their availability, relationship and proximity.  If one is not available when called, the second and if necessary the third will be called.  If none of your contacts are available, the ambulance service or other nominated 24-hour service will be called.

Please use our calculator as a price guide. You can also find some of our pricing under Our Products page. For more information on pricing please contact us on 1800 813 617 or send us an email on

That isn’t a problem. Safety Link’s SEVEN Home Based Alarm operates on the 4G mobile network. A Landline isn’t required at all!

Safety Link’s SEVEN Home Based Alarm has a pendant range to the alarm base of approximately 300 metres.

Yes, the pendant is water resistant and should be worn in the shower.

If you press the pendant accidentally, don’t worry.  You can wait for one of our Monitoring staff to call you and then explain to them that it was an accident.  We will always try to speak to you before we call out your contacts.

Yes.  Your alarm unit has a battery back-up which will last for a minimum of 50 hours if the mains power is off.

The Daily Call option is available for a small additional charge.  This is primarily for people who don’t have regular daily contact with others.  The client is expected to press the Daily Call button on the alarm unit daily between 6am and 11.00am.  If the button goes unpressed, Safety Link will then call the client to check if help is required.  If the client does not answer, Safety Link will organise a contact to check on the client’s welfare.

1 to 2 months with limited use. We recommend clients to consider recharging their GO Trek at least once a month.

No. Only when you press the alarm can we see your location. The Go Trek will send GPS coordinates to Safety Link to identify your position.

No, although we highly recommend it, especially if you – (1) Have patchy or unreliable mobile reception (the SEVEN acts as a back-up as it has Telstra, and Optus connections, and a bigger aerial and (2) Need, or in the future might need more triggering devices (like smoke detectors, additional pendants, and wall buttons etc.)

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