For Retirement Villages

Safety Link currently provides its 24/7 Personal Response Service to more than 80 individual Retirement Villages throughout Australia.

Safety Link provides the same level of caring and personalised approach to every resident within the village ensuring individualised attention and response. 
We are flexible and offer assistance in customising an emergency response procedure in consultation with village staff to ensure a consistent and timely response to all emergencies.

“Regular monthly village reports of alarm activity, new commencements and cancellations helps me keep track of all emergencies within the village”

To assist you with accreditation and incident reporting, our staff will call or email the village manager (or nominated person) and advise of an incident and the outcome.  Following an event Safety Link will track client progress to ensure equipment is tested when the resident returns home.

Safety Link maintains a Quality Management System and has achieved the ISO 9001:2015 certification and always exceeds the Australian Standard AS 4607-1999 of 95% of alarm calls answered within 2 minutes.

Benefits of using Safety Link

Safety Link can handle all alarm testing for you giving you more time to manage the day to day running of your village.

“The day to day running of a Retirement Village is so demanding. It is fantastic that Safety Link monitors my residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”

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