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Customised Call Centre Service

In recent years, Safety Link has branched out to provide an After Hours service to groups who require a flexible arrangement to connect clients with their staff outside of normal business hours.

With considerable experience gained with this value-add initiative, the Safety Link organisation is in an ideal position to expand this offering to all other organisations who are looking to take advantage of a 24/7 call centre that is already set up and running.

Having staff on-call or setting up your own 24/7 service is an expensive overhead that Safety Link could significantly reduce for your business by offering our existing service to you for a fraction of the price. As this service is already up and running within Safety Link, the turnaround time to stand this up for your business would be quick as well.

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Trusted provider

Years of experience

Safety Link has been in operation for over 40 years and has developed a  high quality brand within the Personal Response Service (PRS) industry.

Employing its 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Central Monitoring Facility (CMF) and support team foundation, Safety Link’s core function is to deliver a high quality medical alarm monitoring service, placing this service as one of the industry’s preferred suppliers.

The concierge or assistance service would support a list of defined participants from your business by performing various tasks such as: Relaying messages, making medical appointments, arranging services such as tradesman from a predefined list supplied by the contracted client or booking services such as transportation i.e. taxis.
Help Desk
An assistance service providing a single point of contact that dispenses information and support to people associated with your business. This type of work may include: Simple troubleshooting based on criteria provided by the contracted client, advice and answers based on client criterion requirements or relaying information relating to known problems.
After Hours Support
This service would essentially operate as a component of your business outside of normal business hours and may involve work on the weekend. Safety Link has experience within this area and tasks such as a ‘gatekeeper’ between your clients and your on-call staff to ensure that only true emergencies come through, redirecting the caller, transferring the caller to the correct resource, or booking an appointment, would be typical activities associated with this service type. This type of service would be ideal to businesses that currently fund on-call staff to be available 24/7 for emergency services. Where appropriate, this work could be passed to the Safety Link call centre to triage and ensure only true emergencies make it through to these areas (if at all). As staff become more experienced in troubleshooting, the potential to coordinate emergency responses could be implemented.

Quality Matters

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Safety Link is certified to the International Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

This shows that Safety Link is committed to establishing, maintaining and improving the organisational structure, responsibilities, procedures, processes, and resources in a manner where our services consistently satisfy ISO 9001:2015 quality requirements.

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