Duress Alarm

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Going into a strangers home can be a bit daunting but I feel safe with Safety Link in my pocket.”

How does it work?

A simple press of a button will send an alert and your location to the Safety Link Monitoring Centre

Our highly trained operators will connect to the device and talk to you directly about your situation.

Safety Link take the action that's needed - whether it's a call to a manager, security or emergency services.


How long is the battery life? 

The Safety Link Duress Alarm has an industry-leading 1-2 months between charges. The Duress Alarm has wireless charging – all you need to do is simply place the Duress Alarm on the supplied charging pad. 


How does Safety Link know where I am when I press the help button? 

The Duress Alarm is GPS enabled allowing Safety Link to receive accurate coordinates to pinpoint a user’s location once an alert has been activated. The GPS coordinates are only visible in the event of an alarm, the device does not track your position in real time. 


Does the Duress Alarm have fall detection? 

The Mobile Alarm has Fall Detection capability (optional). This advanced technology detects significant impact falls and automatically sends an alert to the Safety Link Response Centre. As a default option, this function is turned off unless specifically requested. 
Can the Duress Alarm be silent? 

Some jobs/organisations prefer a silent response. This is something Safety Link can provide if required. Ask for a quote and mention you’d like silent response to start the conversation with Safety Link. 


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