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Safety Link Response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

During this challenging time, we at Safety Link understand the vital role we play in assisting the most vulnerable members of our community.

Please be assured, Safety Link is committed to doing everything possible to maintain its capacity to continue delivering our services, without interruption, and at the consistently high levels of quality our clients are used to.

Safety Link understands that some clients will request not to have an installer visit due to health concerns. A self-installation option (covering pre-programming, postage and handling, and testing) is available to those clients who elect to install the alarm themselves, or by a family member or carer.

Looking for a monitoring service that will provide you peace of mind knowing someone is there to assist 24 hours a day/7 days a week?

"I have peace of mind that when I go to work, mum is only a press of a button away from receiving help."

By using Safety Link, it helps clients maintain independence whilst living alone.  The Safety Link service is a reliable, easy to use and very affordable Personal Emergency Response Service (Medical Alarm).

How does Safety Link keep everyone connected?

Safety Link is designed for elderly people or anyone who lives alone and needs a simple and reliable way to keep connected to family, friends and others who can help them in an emergency.

Our monitoring team always exceeds the Australia Standard AS4607-1999 Section 5.4 of 95% of alarm calls answered within 2 minutes.  We constantly achieve over 99%.

Did you know that Safety Link pendants are water resistant making them ideal to wear in the shower or bath as these areas present a slipping hazard?  You can choose either a neck chain, wrist band or brooch pendant.

With Safety Link there are no locked-in contracts. You can use the service for as long as you need and cancel at anytime without fees or penalties.

Safety Link has two main components

The personal pendant that is worn by the client, so they can push the button in case of an emergency...

... and the alarm unit that sits out of the way, and plugs into a power point and telephone line (if available).


Installation Fee : $165   or
Self-Installation Fee $82.50

Monthly Monitoring Fee: $39.50

Other Optional Fees

Daily Call: $6.50 per month
Additional Pendant: $99.50
All Safety Link medical alarms have a battery backup in case of power outages. These alarms can typically operate in battery mode for at least 50 hours.

With the Safety Link service, you no longer require a landline. Our units are now compatible with both landline and mobile networks and operates on the NBN (National Broadband Network).

If a landline service fails, our multi-path alarm units automatically transfer to the wireless network in order to continue operation and at no cost to the client; this contingency approach provides reliability and peace of mind to our clients knowing that the alarm will operate even under difficult circumstances.

"I would just like you to know how much I appreciate your service, and how much more secure it makes me feel."

Safety Link's 24/7 monitored service means that there is always someone at the other end of every emergency call, providing information, instructions and assistance in every situation.

Important medical and medication information provided by a client e.g. pacemaker, mobility constraints, or any allergies to medicine presents Safety Link with the opportunity to recommend the best pendant solution.

This vital information is included in the client's Emergency Response Profile and Safety Link Call Takers will convey these details to Emergency Services if an emergency event occurs.

If you are interested in our service, contact us or call us on our Freecall number 1800 813 617. You can also go to our products for individuals to find out more on how Safety Link can assist.

You can even complete our application form on line to fast-track your request for a medical alarm service.
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