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The GPS enabled GO Trek allows freedom and security on the move.

Typically, the GO Trek service will benefit those who:
  • Spend time outdoors
  • Live on large properties
  • Are regularly outside their home in the garden or work shed
  • Are active but require a method to summon assistance quickly

Even in the garden, Safety Link provides peace-of-mind that help is close at hand

How does it work?
A press of a button will send an alert and your location to the Safety Link Monitoring Centre
Our friendly staff will respond and talk to you through the GO Trek
Help is immediately summoned if needed

With Safety Link there are no locked-in contracts. You can use the service for as long as you need and cancel at anytime without fees or penalties.

The Go Trek is available in two options:

OPTION 1 - The GO Trek personal mobile alarm only OR

The GO Trek, as a stand-alone mobile personal alarm is best suited for clients that:

  • Are still active
  • Don't yet require higher levels of care
  • Have access to, and are comfortable using a mobile phone
  • May frequently be around friends and family

OPTION 2 - The GO Trek personal mobile alarm with the EVE alarm unit.

The GO Trek and EVE alarm unit can communicate as a system. This option is best suited for clients that:

  • Have higher level needs (can use the standard pendant when the GO Trek is charging)
  • Require additional triggering devices (wall buttons, smoke detectors, or additional pendants)
  • Live in an area with unreliable 3G coverage (the EVE alarm acts as a back-up redundancy including its own external aerial)

Due to the additional protection offered by having the GO Trek and the EVE alarm, this is Safety Link's preferred option.

Cost for GO Trek only
Establishment Fee: $55.00
Monthly Monitoring Fee: $48.50
Cost for GO Trek with EVE Alarm
Installation /Establishment Fee: $195.00
Monthly Monitoring Fee: $58.50

Benefits of GO Trek

With a long battery life (an industry leading 1-2 months between charges), the GO Trek with its wireless charging is so easy to recharge. All you need to do is simply place the GO Trek on the supplied charging pad. 1
The GO Trek is also Global Positioning System (GPS) enabled. This allows Safety Link to receive accurate coordinates to pinpoint a user's location once an alert has been activated. 2

The GO Trek has Fall Detection capability (optional). This advanced technology detects significant impact falls and automatically sends an alert to the Safety Link Response Centre. 3

With a powerful and clear Two-way voice communication, the GO Trek offers users a simple and effective method to stay in touch with Safety Link.

When I'm outside enjoying my walk, I know help is still available at the press of a button

If you are interested in the GO Trek service, contact us or call us on our Freecall number 1800 813 617 or go to our Individuals Product Page to find out more on how GO Trek can provide assistance.

You can even complete our online application form to fast-track your request for a GO Trek service.
1Battery life quoted is in passive, non-emergency mode. Once an alert is triggered, the GO Trek will be operational and battery use increases.

2 Accurate location details and receipt of alerts are wholly dependent on both GPS and cellular network availability.

3 Fall detection capabilities are an additional level of support only. Not all falls will register an alert, in such instances, the buttons should be used.
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