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Changing the text font size using your browser text size tool

This site has been designed to allow the size of the text to be changed without disrupting the overall layout.  Most browsers allow you to change the text size.

In Internet Explorer, click on 'View' in the menu at the top, then scroll down to text size and select the size you want.  In Firefox or Opera, simply hold the CTRL key and press + or - to increase or decrease text size.  In addition, holding down the CTRL key while scrolling the mouse wheel (if you have one) will zoom in and out.

In Safari on the Apple Mac, hold down the Command (apple) key and press + or - to change the text size.  For other browsers, consult your browser's help file to see how to change size.

Changing the text font size using the tool built in to the top of our website

The three buttons at the top of our page control the size of the text within the main content area of the website.  These buttons are: 

Decrease text sizeDefault text sizeIncrease text size

Pressing the first button will decrease the text font size.
Pressing the middle button will reset the text font size to default.
Pressing the last button will increase the text font size.
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